February 19, 2020

You Don’t Want to Miss Out on These Group Ticket Experiences!

Graphic image promoting the Final 8 U Sports Tournament

You Don’t Want to Miss Out on These Group Ticket Experiences!

The 2020 U SPORTS Men’s and Women’s Basketball National Championships will be coming to The Arena at TD Place from March 5th– 8th and these unique group experiences are perfect for the budding basketball star in your life!

Bench Experience:

Do you coach a basketball team that would love to sit courtside while the country’s top athletes warm up to win it all? Or maybe you know a group of aspiring players that would kill to be a part of the action! The Bench Experience allows groups of 30 or more kids to sit courtside while players from the top universities warm up for their games. Interested in this experience? Click here!

Anthem Buddy:  

One of the most heartfelt moments of any game is undoubtedly the singing of the National Anthem! Do you know a group that would love to be part of this pre-game ritual?

This is a unique experience allows groups of 30 or more to be side by side with amazing college athletes right before the game starts! Click here to join these elite athletes on the court for the National Anthem!

High 5 Fan Tunnel:

High fiving the players before they take the court is a ritual that has been around for ages! Everybody knows someone that would love to hype up the country’s best basketball players before they play in one of the most important games of the season!

The High 5 Fan Tunnel Experience allows up to 30 people to form a High 5 Tunnel for the players as they enter the count. Click here to be part of the action!

Halftime Mini Game:

Make your youth basketball team the center of attention as they perform at center court in front of tons of fans during halftime! Click here to learn more about the Halftime Mini Game Experience.

Maybe you’re just planning to attend the game with friends? Get access to group rates when you buy 10 or more tickets! Depending on the session, you can expect to save 15-30% off of single session tickets.


Click here to learn more about group experiences or group rates or contact Eddie Edward at eedward@oseg.ca or 613-232-6767 x8402 for more information.