March 21, 2018

5 Pink Floyd songs you’ll hear at TD Place next month

Brit Floyd, the world’s greatest Pink Floyd tribute band will take the stage at The Arena at TD Place on April 3. The Eclipse World Tour 2018 will be a live tribute to the album and band that redefined rock music.

In March 1973, one of the greatest rock albums of all time, Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon was released. A special ‘45th anniversary’ show will take place to rejoice and applaud one of the most iconic rock albums in history.

Pink Floyd’s most successful album holds the record for most charted weeks on the Billboard 200 with 917. From 1973 until 1988, The Dark Side of the Moon continued to chart on a weekly basis.

For one night, step into the realms of progressive and psychedelic music, where the instantly recognizable artwork of Pink Floyd will be conveyed through sound and stunning theatrics.

Brit Floyd will put on an unforgettable show and give fans the next best thing to the legendary group themselves.

Here are five Pink Floyd classic songs from The Dark Side of The Moon that you will certainly be treated to on April 3:

1. Time

The lyrics, vocals, epic instrumentals and solos (Nick Mason’s drum solo and David Gilmour’s guitar solo) make Time an all-time favourite. The catchy hard-rock themed song will stick in your mind.

2. Us and Them

One of the most emotional songs on the album, Us and Them brings listeners on a trip through smooth vibes. This song transcends the audiences experience making this masterpiece an all-time favourite.

3. Money

The group’s first hit single put The Dark Side of The Moon on its way to becoming one of the greatest albums ever made. The timeless classic features a chest-felt bass line, fantastic vocals and truthful lyrics.

4. Breathe

The first song on The Dark Side of The Moon with vocals provides listeners a mellow yet chilling feel. Listeners connect deeply with this song as it describes the controversial theme of insanity.

5. Brain Damage/Eclipse

The masterpiece combines marvellous lyrics from Roger Waters and the outrageous guitar work of David Gilmour to create a song you’ll never forget. The combination of Brain Damage and Eclipse do a remarkable job in rounding out The Dark Side of The Moon.

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