January 6, 2020

5 Reasons You Need to be at Dunder Mifflin Night

5 Reasons You Need To Be At Dunder Mifflin Night

EVERYBODY STAY CALM! THIS Friday, we’re taking a trip to Scranton and into Dunder Mifflin with our second annual Dunder Mifflin Night presented by Edward Jones. Guelph is in town for the first time this season and it is only the second time these two teams have played each other, after opening the season in Guelph on September 20th. We’re going to celebrate one of the greatest shows every made, think Schrute Farms, Kevin’s famous chili and Michael’s humor, all wrapped into one #NoQuit hockey game.

With Office inspired jerseys, trivia, specialty menu items and in game activation, you’ll feel like you are right there with Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute.

1. The Office Jerseys

The team will be sporting awesome Schrute Farm inspired jerseys all game. Believe us, you’ll want to see this for yourself.

2. Trivia!

Get ready to test your Office trivia, you think you have what it takes? Prove it! We’ll be running Office trivia during the intermissions to determine who the biggest fan of ‘The Office’ is in Ottawa!

3. Specialty theme ‘The Office’ Menu Items

We will be selling Office themed menu items to celebrate all of the character’s and their favourite foods.

Kevin's Famous Chili

Schrute Farm Fries

Stanleys Pretzels

4. In Game Clips

We’ve got a list of clips from ‘The Office’ that we will use in game to react to what is going on in real time! Which of your favourite scenes will you be looking for?

5. Friday Night Live Special

The hottest Friday Night ticket in town! You can get a GA ticket to Dunder Mifflin Night for only $20 and each ticket comes with one beer voucher!