October 13, 2017

Ottawa’s dance scene is stepping up

Image of breakdancer in a hand stand with his legs up in a pose

The nation’s capital is on the move. From ballet to breakdance, studio to the street, Ottawa’s dance community is exploding into something bigger and better than ever before.

With over 50 studios, new events every day, countless clubs and crews, there’s something for everyone.

You can participate in conventions…

…and competitions.

The popping prelims are heating up!

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Or just sit back and watch!

If you ask nicely, we might even let you show off your moves here.

Some of the best dancers in the WORLD take centre stage right here in the Arena at TD Place on October 30.

Including this tiny contemporary genius, Eva Igo.

Part 1 Music – Alive by Sia I just want to say thank you to every single soul that made my entire experience on @nbcwordofdance possible. Everyone involved helped me so much to grow as a dancer and as a person. @jlo , @derekhough , @neyo , and @jennadewan – thank you for creating a show where I can dance on stage in front of millions of people and show them why I love to dance. Without you four, none of this would be possible. My family – for allowing me to change our lives, always believing in me, and supporting me throughout this entire journey. Mom- thank you for taking me out to California for 34 days, always being a positive light, and letting this whole experience come true! @k_igo – thank you for always making sure I have faith, and for always being there for me ever since I was a little kid struggling to "kick, ball, change" in the living room. I would be no where near where I am without you! @michele_larkin – thank you for taking so much time to make my dream a reality! I couldn't do it without you. @nappytabs – you have helped me so much from lighting, props, choreo, story, camera work, and everything in between! You both have been a huge help to me!! @tessandrachavez & @wbezz – thank you for believing in me and never letting me lose confidence for even a single second and always pushing me past my limits. You both have helped me tremendously throughout this entire experience and I can't thank you enough! @heysagiv – thank you for always making me feel like I deserved to be there and always giving me a confidence boost when I needed one! @kylehanagami & @anty.kin – thank you both for always seeing the tiniest details and for your time! @dbano & @marinatoybina – thank you for always making sure I have the right look and for awesome hair and costumes! Thank you to all of the producers, backstage assistants, camera crew, editors, and everybody else on the WOD crew for making this all possible! And finally to @worldofdance & @nbcworldofdance for creating a show where dancers can showcase their art to the world!

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Supercr3w! One of the best groups in the biz.

#worldofdance #supercr3w

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Even Ontario’s own, Luka & Jenalyn.

…and so many more! Check out the full lineup and get tickets.