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Image of the front of Jack Astor's restaurant with the patio at TD Place

Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill

We’re a restaurant. One that specializes in delicious food and great times. Our goal is to make you laugh. And depending on your hot sauce tolerance, cry. In all seriousness, we take real pride in our food.

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Image showing the front of Sunset Grill restaurant at TD Place

Sunset Grill

Sunset Grill is Ontario’s number one source for great all-day breakfast and lunch.

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Image showing the front of Industria Restaurant at TD Place

Industria Italian Brasserie

Industria Brasserie Italienne is a modern pizzeria and brasserie offering a fusion of authentic and modern Italian cuisine – SFIZI style!

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Image of the front of Cacoa 70 Chocolate Bistro at TD Place

Cacao 70

Cacao 70 is a unique place for relaxing and sharing. Chocolate is an ingredient that brings people together so come visit us at Lansdowne.

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Image showing the outside of Sen Asian Restaurant at TD Place

Sen-Asian Cuisine

SEN is a family owned and operated restaurant inside the revitalized Lansdowne Park. Our menu offers a range of dishes from our homeland, Vietnam, while also showcasing dishes inspired from Thailand and Japan.

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Image of the front of Craft Beer Market restaurant at TD Place

Craft Beer Market

CRAFT Beer Market is a premium casual restaurant with a passion for fresh local food and great craft beer.

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Beadgen Cafe photo

Beandigen Cafe

Beandigen is the home of Onzdarez Clothing and Goods by Paula Naponse and offers a space that welcomes indigenous artists, goods made by indigenous people, and coffee.

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Image of the front of Joey's Lansdowne restaurant

Joey Lansdowne

JOEY Lansdowne offers a casual dining experience new to the city with a globally inspired menu, selection of award-winning wines and array of hand-crafted cocktails.

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Image of the front of Cinnaholic at TD Place


Cinnaholic serves create-your-own cinnamon rolls and other sweet treats. Select from over 20 unique frosting flavors and a variety of fresh and decadent toppings

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Image of Milestones restaurant front door at TD Place


Milestones is an impromptu meeting place for friends and a cozy spot for date nights. We’re familiar and friendly, but always on the cutting-edge.

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Image of the front door of Crust & Crate restaurant at TD Place

Crust & Crate

Your favourite little pizza pub serving up swanky Al Forno style pizzas and gastropub fare in a colourful, cocktail inspired, beer loving environment.

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Image of the front of Local restaurant at TD Place

LOCAL Public Eatery

Upscale comfort food, craft beer & kitschy cocktails are served in a retro-chic space with games.

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