October 30, 2018

You Asked, Tim Hicks Answered!

Tim Hicks

Find out what Tim Hicks’ favorite song to play is and where he goes to eat in Ottawa!

To kick things off for the #GetLoud tour, @TimHicks did a hilarious Twitter Q&A. Here’s the run down in case you missed it:


Q: What song are you most excited to play?

Tim: I’m most excited to play “If the Beat’s Alright”!!!!


Q: What is the thing that you love the most about being on the road playing your wonderful music? What advice can you give to a musician/songwriter who is just starting out?

Tim: My favorite thing is playing live! I love it! My advice would be to get out in front of people as often as you can!! Take every gig!!


Q: What’s the most amount of shows that you’ve done in the least amount of time?

Tim: Back in my bar days I played 14 shows in 12 days! My voice was sore to say the least haha!


Q: What was your favorite toy as a kid that you still have? Or wish you did?

Tim: I have a ukulele from when I was 3! I guess you could say it was my first guitar.


Q: Are you doing any covers on tour??

Tim: No covers on this run!


Q: What’s the hardest part of being on tour?

Tim: For me, it’s being away from my family, not being able to help with the day to day work of raising the kids and running a household.


Q: Do all 3 of you travel in the same tour bus? Or does @Tebey and @MadelineMerlo travel separately?

Tim: Good question! We have separate busses because our bands and crew travel with us. 12 bunks on each bus!!


Q: Will your families be joining you on part of the Tour? Has to be tough on you guys…

Tim: My family will be at the st Catharines Show. @AmandaHicksRN will be at the Guelph show, but it’s tough with the kids in school and Amanda working full time.


Q: Is there anything in particular that has been more difficult or easier about prepping for this upcoming tour compared to past ones?

Tim: Good question! Working out the set was a little more difficult this time, trying to figure out which tunes we play and don’t play! Tough calls had to be made haha!


Q: Okay better question how many bottles of @TitosVodka will be consumed during this tour?

Tebey: TOO MANY! My friends at @TitosVodka are stocking my bus before the tour. Of course Il’ll share with @TimHicks and @MadelineMerlowinky face

Tim: Haha awesome! I guess vodka is kinda like Tequila’s Cousin, I’m down!


Q: What’s the weirdest compliment you’ve gotten from a fan?

Tim: Once a fan asked me to sign their Gator… that was a little strange haha!


Q: Any chance you might ever come back to your StompinGround at @barcrazyhorse some day?

Tim: We usually stop by there for dinner whenever we are in town!


Q: How many songs will you and @Tebey write on this tour?

Tim: None. Too busy drinking…. laugh emojilaugh emojilaugh emojirock on emoji


Q: What song(s) are you most looking forward to playing on the tour? #GetLOUDTour

Madeline: Neon love!!

Tim: Yassss! Love that one!!


#GetLoud with @TimHicks, @TEBEY and @MadelineMerlo live at TD Place on November 8!

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