June 30, 2020

Celebrate Canada Day and beyond at Lansdowne!

Celebrate Canada Day and beyond at Lansdowne!

Hold on to your red Maple Leafs, as this Canada Day Lansdowne becomes Ottawa’s largest patio. With a few road closures and expanded patios, alongside plenty of walking and green space, we are excited to offer up a new, clean, and socially-distanced Lansdowne.

Now, the claim of Ottawa’s biggest patio is totally unconfirmed but here are some info: Since we shutting down Marche Way and Exhibition Way, and there is already a surplus of walkable space, we are pretty confident that our claim is solid.

So way back in 1867 when it was decided that this day would be our national holiday, could anyone have predicted the mask-wearing, hand-sanitizing, physically-distanced experience of Canada Day in 2020? Probably not, but everyone here at Lansdowne – the dozens of restaurants, bars, grocery, retail shopping – are OPEN and going above and beyond the standards set by Public Health officials. And, we all await you to… Eat, Shop, and Play, Again!

Here’s a list of patios that are newly expanded for Canada Day until Sunday:

Industria Pizzeria
Crust & Crate
LOCAL Public Eatery

And the rest of our awesome patios are open and ready to serve! See you soon!