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Stadium Guide


Alcohol Management

Any guest in the possession of alcoholic beverages on the premises may be requested to produce proper ID upon request to a Smart Serve certified staff of TD Place. Any guest who produces false identification or who passes alcohol to a minor may be evicted and possibly subject to charges.

  • • Guest may not purchase more than 2 alcoholic beverages at a time.
  • • Alcohol of any kind may not be brought into or removed from TD Place
  • • Any guest who is determined to be deliberately concealing alcohol while entering TD Place may be denied access to the building
  • • A person exhibiting visible signs of impairment may not be permitted into the stadium and may be removed from TD Place. This includes guests who exhibit behaviour that distracts, inconveniences or otherwise interferes with other guest’s enjoyment of the event
  • • Last call: (Times may vary at the discretion of the venue)
      • – REDBLACKS – beginning of the fourth quarter
      • – 67’s – at 10 minute mark in the third period
      • – BlackJacks – beginning of the fourth quarter
      • – Atlético – at 70 minute mark
  • •No refunds will be offered for confiscated alcoholic beverages. Guests who are denied entry or removed for any violation of facility rules will not be issued a refund for the event.

Cashless policy

In an effort to reduce points of contact between individuals at our venue, TD Place will be going entirely cashless. Debit and Credit cards will be accepted at all points of sale.

Digital tickets

Our ticket delivery has gone mobile and can be easily stored on your mobile device. All tickets will be purchased and scanned using our mobile ticketing software. This is a vital tool in our contact tracing efforts (if needed). Once the ticket is purchased, you will be able to download your ticket into your mobile device’s wallet (e.g. Apple Wallet, Google Pay) and can be easily accessed when arriving at the gate. Click here to learn how to download your digital tickets before the event/game.

Guest Info Hub

All you need to know during the game days at TD Stadium at TD Place. Click here and access it.

Allergies and Dietary Requirements

Those with allergies or unique dietary requirements are to contact the event services team prior to attending an event in order to receive written approval for any food they may be bringing into the event.

TD Place does not have products and areas free from nut products and as a result, we recommend that guests and staff with nut allergies exercise extreme caution when attending/work an event.

**Please note that gluten-free buns are only available at the BBQ and not all concessions.


Animals are not permitted in TD Place with the exception of service animals.

Contact Info

TD Place
1015 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 3W7
Main Office: 613-232-6767
Tickets and Sales Team: 613-232-6767 Ext 1

Banners and Signs

Banners and signs must not interfere with the view of other guests. They cannot be of distasteful nature or content, nor can they advertise a logo or product. Signs may not be attached to any surface or obstruct permanent signage.


All bags will be inspected upon entry, please refer to the prohibited item section before you come to the venue.
Clear bags are highly encouraged and guests with a clear bag will be permitted to enter via our Express Lanes, providing a quicker entry experience.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices (laptops, battery packs, tablets, tablet cases, etc.) are permitted subject to inspection prior to entry and at the discretion of TD Place and/or local and national security agencies. Mobile phones are generally not subject to inspection.

Electronic devices are subject to demonstration that they are operational and not compromised, however, no personal information or data will be accessed by TD Place in the process.

Fan Code Of Conduct

TD Place is committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable sports & entertainment experience for all guests, staff, athletes, officials, and performers.

It is an expectation all guests follow the below code of conduct. Failure to comply with any portion of this may subject the offending guest to ejection from the Stadium without refund or compensation, revocation of season tickets, trespass to property notice/fine, and potential legal action. This conduct includes:

  • • Guests shall respect each other as well as TD Place employees, athletes, officials, and performers;
  • • Guests shall be treated in a consistent, professional, and courteous manner;
  • • Guests shall not engage in violence, fighting, threatening, taunting, physical or verbal harassment, or any other dangerous or disruptive behaviour;
  • • Guests shall not make offensive or obscene remarks or gestures;
  • • Guests shall not throw objects of any kind;
  • • Guests shall consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner;
  • • Guests shall not provide alcohol to a minor or possess alcohol not purchased in the venue;
  • • Guests shall sit only in their ticketed seat and shall present their ticket if requested by venue representatives;
  • • Guests shall not enter or attempt to enter, disrupt, or interfere with the field of play or any other restricted venue areas;
  • • Guests shall refrain from smoking (including e-cigarettes or vapourizers);
  • • Guests shall comply with all operational and emergency response procedures as directed by venue representatives; and
  • • TD Place reserves the right to restrict prohibited items from entering the venue (as per Prohibited Items List), and may confiscate or require items to be kept outside the venue.

All guests entering TD Place are subject to inspection by pat-down and/or magnetometer (metal detecting equipment). All bags are subject to search prior to entering the venue and must comply with the TD Place bag policy.

Fan Health Promise


Guests agree that they will not attend an event if any one of the following is true on event day:

    • • Within the prior 14 days, they have tested positive for, or been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
    • • Within the prior 48 hours, they have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 identified here by Ottawa Public Health.
    • • Within the prior 14 days, they have traveled outside of Canada (does not apply to fully vaccinated individuals).

Guests must follow all venue policies, including the Stadium Guide, and posted instructions while in the venue and on the venue grounds.

Feedback, Questions, and Comments

Fan Info Line: 1-844-FAN-INFO (326-4636)
Fan Info Email:

During events, guests can text us at 613-777-6759. We recommend they include their section, row and seat number if they require assistance. Standard messaging rates apply. 

Food and Beverage

Outside food and beverage are not permitted in TD Place. Some exceptions do apply, (allergies, dietary requirements, birthdays, etc.), however, Guest Relations should be advised prior to enter the facility. **Please note that gluten-free buns are only available at the BBQ and not all concessions.

Game Balls

Any game football accidentally making its way into the stands must be returned immediately to a TD Place representative.

Getting Here

Your event ticket at TD Place gets you free transit service starting three hours before the event, during the event, and for 3 hours after the game on all OC Transpo and STO routes. OC Transpo service on Bank Street will be enhanced during game days for an easy connection from downtown. In addition, special OC Transpo and STO routes will be in place providing direct service to TD Place from across Ottawa and Gatineau. **Please note that STO routes are NOT free for some TD Place events.

Guests are also encouraged to ride their bikes using the scenic multi-use pathways along the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During REDBLACKS games we offer free, secure bike parking is provided on-site. For more information, and to find out what transportation services are available for your event, please visit or call 1-844-FAN-INFO (326-4636).

Nursing Mothers

Nursing mothers are welcomed to breastfeed their children wherever they feel comfortable. Those requesting a more private location may contact Guest Relations at the Information Booth to arrange a location.

Prohibited Items:

  • • Professional Cameras (Only Point and Click Cameras permitted)
  • • Laser pens or laser products of any type
  • • Weapons of any type including knives
  • • Fireworks, incendiary devices, or any other flame making device
  • • Air horns, whistles, or mechanical noisemakers
  • • Powered megaphones
  • • Alcohol, drug or any illegal substances
  • • Outside Food or Beverage (empty refillable water bottles or water bottles that have not been opened are permitted)
  • • Poles or sticks
  • • Projectiles
  • • Inappropriate signs of banners

TD Place reserves the right to refuse entry to any guest in possession of a prohibited item. Any items surrendered by guests prior to entry will be donated or destroyed and not returned. Illegal items will be confiscated and turned over to the police.

Restricted items:

  • • Umbrellas (may not be opened inside The Stadium)
  • • Electronic Devices (subject to demonstration they are operational)
  • • Flag poles (must be flexible or retractable)
  • • Large bags/containers

Venue Management may restrict any item from entering TD Place that it deems at its discretion to be a security or safety risk.


TD Place Public Safety and Security monitors the venue and Lansdowne site 24/7/365. In addition, event security is present at all events to ensure guest comfort and safety.

Base Security Number: 613-690-0517 


The TD Place stadium/arena complex is a no-smoking facility. Smoking or vaping of tobacco products or cannabis is not permitted on its entrance stairways or within its gates, including all seating areas, indoor and outdoor concourses, offices and changing areas.

Outside the stadium on the broader Lansdowne property, smoking is permitted in the commercial district, which features multiple shops and restaurants along Marché Way and Exhibition Way, and a Cineplex theatre complex.  Smokers are advised that City of Ottawa By-laws prohibit smoking or vaping within 9-meters of a restaurant patio space.

Lansdowne is also home to a public park, play structures, a sport court and other amenities on the eastern quadrant of the property. This area is bound by the same regulations that apply to all parks in the city.  Smoking is not permitted at any time and if visitors are bothered by a smoker in the park area they can report the incident to Ottawa By-law by calling 3-1-1.

Visitors to Lansdowne are advised that if a smoker is violating the 9-meter rule and disrupting their enjoyment of a meal on a patio, they should inform their server or the restaurant manager.


Strollers are permitted into the venue, however, must be checked in at one of the Guest Relations Information Booths.

Lost & Found

Lost something at an event inside TD Place? Misplaced something around Lansdowne Park? Please email us:

Or try calling us directly using this phone # (613-690-0500).


To buy tickets to upcoming events at TD Place visit the ONLINE BOX OFFICE, call 613-232-6767 or 1-877-489-2849.

Our ticket delivery has gone mobile and can be easily stored on your mobile device. All tickets will be purchased and scanned using our mobile ticketing software. This is a vital tool in our contact tracing efforts (if needed). Once the ticket is purchased, you will be able to download your ticket into your mobile device’s wallet (e.g. Apple Wallet, Google Pay) and can be easily accessed when arriving at the gate. Click here to learn more about digital tickets.

Select the link to view our Ticketing Terms and Conditions.