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Ownership Group

Roger Greenberg

Managing Partner, Executive Chair & CFL Governor

John Pugh


John Ruddy

Managing Partner & CFL Lead Governor

Bill Shenkman

Partner & OHL Governor

Senior Executive Team

Mark Goudie

President & Chief Executive Officer, OSEG

Adrian Sciarra

President, Ottawa REDBLACKS & Ottawa 67's

David Porter

Senior Vice President, Finance & Technology

Stephanie Spruston

Vice President, Corporate Services & General Counsel

Anne-Marie Villeneuve

Vice President, Guest Experience & Operations

Janice Barresi

Vice President, Brand & Social Impact

Sydney Sackett

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Valerie Hughes

Vice President, Events & Entertainment

Matthew Bennett

Vice President, Corporate Partnerships & Ticketing

Ottawa 67's

James Boyd

General Manager

David Cameron

Head Coach

Jan Egert

Associate General Manager & Director of Scouting

Chris Hamilton

Head Equipment Manager

Dr. Taryn Taylor

Head Team Physician

Dr. Kevin Rattray

Team Dentist

Eileen Duffin

Housing & Education Coordinator

Norm Milley

Assistant Coach

Paul Stoykewych

Assistant Coach

Mackenzie Koop

Head Athletic Therapist


Shawn Burke

General Manager

Bob Dyce

Head Coach

Jeremy Snyder

Assistant General Manager

Chad Hudson

Director, Canadian Scouting & Football Analytics

Brendan Taman

Director, Pro Personnel

Barron Miles

Defensive Coordinator

Travis Moore

Receivers Coach & Pass Game Coordinator

Nathan Taylor

Running Back Coach

Cory McDiarmid

Special Teams Coach

Nadia Doucouré

Coaches' Assistant

Pat Perles

Offensive Line Coach

Deion Melvin

Linebacker Coach

Alex Suber

Defensive Backs Coach

Tommy Condell

Offensive Coordinator

Philippe Moreau

Assistant Director, US Scouting & Football Operations

Alex Russell

Assistant Director, US Scouting

Drew McCormick

Head Equipment Manager

Braun Gheller

Video Coordinator

Greg Marshall

Defensive Line Coach

Joseph Panessidi

Manager, Football Operations

Todd Worley

US Regional Scout

Matt Babion

Assistant Video Coordinator

Noah Schlingmeier

Assistant Equipment Manager

Scott Shannon

Head Athletic Therapist:

Shannon Webster

Lead Assistant Athletic Therapist

Austin Randall

Assistant Athletic Therapist

Catherine Brunet-Beausejour

Assistant Athletic Therapist

Broedie Birkhof

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Dr. Glenn Copeland

Director of Medical Service

Dr. Dave White

Team Physician

Corporate Partnerships

Calvin Amell

Business Development Director, Corporate Partnerships

Mark Pearson

Partnerships Development Director

Greg Amiel

Senior Manager, Account Servicing

Rebecca Leslie

Account Manager, Corporate Partnership

Samantha Irwin

Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships

Bryn Powell

Account Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships

Guest Experience

Derek Beer

Director, Safety, Security & Guest Services

Scott Lehman

Manager, Safety & Security

Julia Weagle

Manager, Guest Services

Aaron Luscombe

Manager, Transportation

Scott Wolfe

Supervisor, Safety & Security

Claudia Landry

Assistant Manager, Guest Services

Mahren Young

Staffing Coordinator, Guest Services

Martin Rus

Supervisor, Safety & Security

Rachel Hayden-Gardner

Guest Experience Coordinator


Chris Wynn

Senior Director, Operations

Brian Giles

Manager, Facilities

Ken Duncan

Property Manager

Trevor Chyzyi-Vince


Steve MacLaren


Brian Sloan

HVAC Operator

Murray Mills


Kyle Smiley

Senior Facilities Maintenance Technician

Ian Varo

Senior Facilities Maintenance Technician

Matthew Shearer

Facilities Maintenance Technician

Aiden Maher

Playing Surfaces Supervisor

Ryan McElroy

Loading Dock Supervisor

Mary James

Administrative Assistant, Facilities

Donnie Gibson

Senior Facilities Maintenance Technician

Corporate Services

Tracey Villeneuve

Director, Human Resources

Matt Perron

Associate General Counsel

Bentley McKay

HR Business Partner

Sarah Beamish

HR Specialist

Natalie Heard

HR Coordinator

Zosia Davis

HR Specialist

Stephanie Kirkham

HR Administrator

Finances & Technology

Pete Chamberlin

Director, IT

Eric Childers

Director, Ticket Operations

Bob Gates

Manager, Financial Reporting

Stephanie Narducci


Mitch Fournier

Financial Analyst

Josh Waddington

Lead AV Technician

Dulmi Hill

Supervisor, Ticket Operations

Nathan Monette

Supervisor, Ticket Operations

Athul Abraham

Coordinator, Ticket Operations

Evan Fox

Coordinator, Ticket Operations

Natasha Hawrysh

Senior Accountant

Ingo Ehrenberg

Intermediate Accountant

Jessica Li

Intermediate Accountant

Susana Liu Shen

Junior Accountant

Raveen Narendra Babu

Systems Administrator

Joshua Schaefer

Audio Visual Technician

Ryan Monument

IT Support Technician

Erin Brace


Events & Entertainment

Travis Skelding

Senior Manager, Event Operations

Adrian Carrier

Event Manager

Michael Carlesimo

Event Manager

Patricia Tippett

Event Production Lead

Larissa Barlow

Event Production Coordinator

Sam Tripp

Operations Supervisor

Ryan Grace

Operations Supervisor

Geoff McCurdy

Operations Supervisor

Caroline Hart

Calendar Coordinator

Paige Facchini

Event Coordinator

Paul Cavaliere

Event Production Coordinator


Joe MacLeod

Head of Marketing

Cameron Christensen

Manager, Consumer Products

Courtney Huestis

Senior Manager, Brand & Content, Sports Business Operations

Hailey Davis

Lead, Digital Media & Content

Nicole Fiorini

Marketing Manager

Kelly Whitehurst

Web Designer

Joshua O’Connor

Content Producer

Annika Cayanga

Graphic Designer

Rossy Pasternak

Digital Media & Content Coordinator

Tommy Brennan

Graphic Designer

Paul Prose

Game Presentation Director

Colin Murphy

Game Day Technician & Videographer

Arend Nijhuis

Associate Producer, Game Presentation

Alexander Hermens

Retail Coordinator, Consumer Products

Michael Hagarty Quaroni

Associate Producer, Game Presentation

Joel Empey

Associate Producer, Game Presentation

Business Intelligence & Digital Marketing

Warren Reed

Senior Manager, Digital & Business Intelligence

Cailin Craigen

Business Intelligence Analyst

AJ Hewish

Digital Advertisement & Activations Coordinator

Matthew O’Brien

Data Analyst

Caitlin Tang

Project Coordinator, Digital Marketing

Presley Barwick

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Communications & Sports Tenants

Brandon Maki

Communications Specialist

Community Relations

Marc St. Pierre

Manager, Community Relations

Ticket Sales & Service

Blake Duffy

Senior Manager, Ticket Sales & Service

Mitchell Schnitzler

Account Manager, Premium Properties

Ben Church

Manager, Membership Services

Brodie Gagnon

Team Lead, Group Sales

Kieran Ward

Account Manager, Group Sales

Jared Stewart

Account Manager, Membership Services

Leighton Blair

Account Manager, Membership Services

Lisa Kiviaho

Account Manager, Ticket Sales & Service

Sebastien Reddom

Account Manager, Ticket Sales & Service

Matthew Anderson

Account Manager, Ticket Sales & Service

Lauren Epp

Account Manager, Ticket Sales & Service

Joshua Kelly

Account Manager, Ticket Sales & Service

Justin Bedford

Account Manager, Ticket Sales & Service

OSEG Foundation

Nancy Crump

Senior Manager, Development & Donor Communications

Ashley Richer

Senior Manager, Annual Giving

Kim McLean

Senior Manager, Community Impact & Engagement

Sam Schroeder

Foundation Coordinator

Lisa Nicholson

Senior Manager, Special Events and Sponsorship

Emily Neuenhagen

Foundation Coordinator