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Ownership Group

Roger Greenberg

Managing Partner, Executive Chair & CFL Governor

John Pugh


John Ruddy

Managing Partner & CFL Lead Governor

Bill Shenkman

Partner & OHL Governor

Senior Executive Team

Mark Goudie

Chief Executive Officer, OSEG

John Mathers

Senior Vice President, Brand & Business Development

Adrian Sciarra

Senior Vice President, Sports Business Operations

David Porter

Senior Vice President, Finance & Technology

Randy Burgess

Vice President, Communications & Special Projects

Stephanie Spruston

Vice President, Corporate Services & General Counsel

Anne-Marie Villeneuve

Vice President, Guest Experience & Operations

Janice Barresi

Executive Director, OSEG Foundation

Ottawa 67's

James Boyd

General Manager

André Tourigny

Head Coach and Vice-President, Hockey Operations

Jan Egert

Assistant General Manager and Director of Scouting

Mario Duhamel

Assistant Coach

Chris Hamilton

Head Equipment Manager

Dan Marynowski

Head Athletic Therapist

Dr. Taryn Taylor

Head Team Physician

Dr. Kevin Rattray

Team Dentist

Eileen Duffin

Housing and Education Coordinator


Marcel Desjardins

General Manager

Jeremy Snyder

Assistant General Manager

Paul LaPolice

Head Coach

Steve Walsh

Assistant Coach

Greg Knox

Assistant Coach

Bob Wylie

Assistant Coach

Bob Dyce

Assistant Coach

Mike Benevides

Defensive Coordinator

Patrick Bourgon

Defensive Assistant

Jean-Marc Edmé

Director of Player Personnel

Pier-Yves Lavergne

Player Personnel Assistant

Joey Swarbrick

Coordinator of Football Operations

Adrien Bourdon

Football Operations Assistant

Philippe Moreau

Football Operations Assistant

Marie Claire Costaguta

Lead Assistant Athletic Therapist

Nick Mercuri

Athletic Therapist/Strength & Conditioning

Brandon Ma

Seasonal Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coordinator

Dr. Glenn Copeland

Director of Medical Service

RJ James

Equipment Manager

Drew McCormick

Assistant Equipment Manager

Nicholas Mossop

Equipment Assistant

Colin Farquharson

Video Coodinator

Braun Gheller

Video Assistant

Corporate Partnerships & Consumer Products

Matthew Bennett

Director, Corporate Partnerships

Calvin Amell

Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships

Bianca Oran

Manager, Corporate Partnerships

Matt Vacon

Manager, Retail Operations

Greg Amiel

Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships

Chris Fitchett

Account Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships

Erin Wylie

Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships

Guest Experience

Derek Beer

Director, Public Safety & Event Services

Scott Lehman

Manager, Public Safety

Paul Ausman

Manager, Event Services

Bianca Molnar

Assistant Manager, Event Services

Melanie Silver

Staffing Assistant, Event Services

Scott Rispin

Supervisor, Public Safety

Caitlin Beaumont

Supervisor, Public Safety

Mitch Craig

Coordinator, Event Services


Chris Wynn

Director, Operations

Brian Giles

Facilities Manager

Ken Duncan

Property Manager

Trevor Chyzyi-Vince


Steve MacLaren


Brian Sloan

HVAC Operator

Darryl Brown


Murray Mills


Kyle Smiley

Senior Facilities Maintenance Technician

Ian Varo

Senior Facilities Maintenance Technician

Matthew Shearer

Facilities Maintenance Technician

Travis Skelding

Manager, Event Operations

Sage Winogron

Operations Supervisor

Emily Terry

Administrative Assistant, Operations

Corporate Services

Tracey Villeneuve

HR Business Partner

Katherine Lapalme

HR Business Partner

Bentley McKay

HR Coordinator

Richard Baker

Payroll Administrator

Matt Perron

Legal Counsel

Adrian Carrier

Volunteer Coordinator

Kaitlyn Mulligan

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Allison McLeod

HR Assistant

Finance and Technology

Eric Childers

Director Ticket Operations

Pete Chamberlin

Director IT

Bob Gates

Manager Financial Reporting

Sophie Lalonde


Stephanie Narducci

Assistant Controller

Tanis Bird

Senior Accountant

Regine Gowdy

Senior Accounts Receivable

Mitch Fournier

Senior Accounts Payable

Jared Ayer

Accounts Payable Specialist

Emmanuel Yembi

Accounts Receivable

Jiying Feng

Accounting Coordinator

Brian Willmott

IT Manager

David Freeman

IT Technical Support

Brent Epps

Audio Visual Technician

Kaitlin Williams

Manager, Ticket Operations

Dan Ciparis

Ticket Operations Coordinator

Business Development

Val Hughes

Director, Events and Production

Erin Coyle

Manager, Live Entertainment

Kristen Johnston

Manager, Event Services

Adrian Carrier

Event Production Coordinator

Patricia Tippett

Event Production Coordinator

Madeleine Brazeau

Calendar/Booking Coordinator

Lindsay Fitzpatrick

Event Coordinator, Live Entertainment

Courtney Hyde

Executive Assistant

Brand and Business Development - Business Intelligence, Communications and Production

Matt Jackowetz

Director, Business Intelligence

Paul Prose

Game Day and Video Producer

Matt Lypko

Business Analyst

Chris Hofley

Manager, Communications

Colin Murphy


Alex Pilote

Communications Coordinator

Antonie Godin

Communications Specialist

Warren Reed

Data Analyst

Arend Nijhuis

Game Presentation Coordinator

Lina Sadeddin

Growth Hacker

Brand and Business Development - Marketing

Jon Sinden

Director, Marketing

Mark Sluban

Manager, Community Events

Kenzie Scott

Brand and Product Marketing Specialist

Brianne Fodor

Brand and Product Marketing Manager

Jacob Kelly

Growth Hacker

Hailey Davis

Growth Hacker

Hannah Ross

Growth Hacker

Jawad Abou-zraiba

Web Developer

Joshua O’Connor

Content Creator

Brand and Business Development - Ticket Sales and Service

Chris Atack

Director, Ticket Sales and Service

Brock Gibson

Manager, Ticket Sales & Service

Lauren Epp

Manager, B2B

Damian Ford

Team Lead, New Business

Blake Duffy

Team Lead, Group Sales

Jacob Weinstein

Account Manager, Season-Seat Membership

Jarret Miller

Account Manager, Season-Seat Membership

Luke Denley

Group Experience Specialist

Patrick Allen

Fan Services Specialist

Kyle Kirkwood

Sales Academy Coach

Logan Kitchener

Account Manager, Group Sales

Eddie Edward

Account Manager, Group Sales

Ashley Thibaudeau

Account Manager, New Business

Mitchell Schnitzler

Account Manager, New Business

Chad Mallory

Account Manager, New Business

Cameron Poulin

Account Manager, New Business

Jack Katzman

Account Manager, New Business

Sam Norwood

Account Manager, New Business

David O’Connor

Account Manager, New Business

Kevin Easey

Account Manager, New Business

OSEG Foundation

Nancy Crump

Senior Manager, Development and Donor Communications

Jordyn Pimm

Development Assistant