2023 Panda Game


October 1, 2023 @ 12:00 PM


The Stadium at TD Place

The Panda Game is back! Come watch the University of Ottawa and Carleton Ravens football teams as they face off at TD Place.


Purchase your tickets now and enjoy an afternoon of university football! Fans for the Carleton University should purchase on the South side while fans for the University of Ottawa should purchase on the North side of The Stadium.


As per TD Place’s Panda policies, there are no bags or umbrellas allowed, no re-entry, zero tolerance for intoxication or harmful behaviour and one drink per purchase per person. TD Place is also a cashless venue, accepting debit or credit cards.

TD Place is committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable sports and entertainment experience for all guests, staff, athletes, officials, and performers. It is an expectation all guests follow the below code of conduct. Failure to comply with any portion of this may subject the offending guest to ejection from the stadium without refund or compensation, revocation of season tickets, trespass to property notice/fine, and potential legal action. This conduct includes:

✓ Guests shall respect each other as well as TD Place employees, athletes, officials, and performers;

✓ Guests shall be treated in a consistent, professional, and courteous manner;

✓ Guests shall not engage in violence, fighting, threatening, taunting, physical or verbal harassment, or any other dangerous or disruptive behaviour;

✓ Guests shall not make offensive or obscene remarks or gestures;

✓ Guests shall not throw objects of any kind;

✓ Guests shall consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner;

✓ Guests shall not provide alcohol to a minor or possess alcohol not purchased in the venue;

✓ Guests shall sit only in their ticketed seat and shall present their ticket if requested by venue representatives;

✓ Guests shall not enter or attempt to enter, disrupt, or interfere with the field of play or any other restricted venue areas;

✓ Guests shall refrain from smoking (including e-cigarettes or vaporizers);

✓ Guests shall comply with all operational and emergency response procedures as directed by venue representatives; and

✓ TD Place reserves the right to restrict prohibited items from entering the venue (as per Prohibited Items List), and may confiscate or require items to be kept outside the venue.

✓ All guests entering TD Place are subject to inspection by pat-down and/or magnetometer (metal detecting equipment). All bags are subject to search prior to entering the venue and must comply with the TD Place bag policy.

✓ Guests must follow all venue policies, including this Stadium Guide, and posted instructions while in the venue and on the venue grounds.