July 18, 2019

New Chargepoint Chargers for Electric Cars

Have an EV Vehicle? Charge it today with Chargepoint, now located at TD Place!

TD Place has joined the Chargepoint revolution! Precise ParkLink has recently replaced the aged EnviroLink chargers in Zone D of the garage (Cineplex/Blue) with two new Level 2 J1772, 6.6 kW chargers.  These chargers are the perfect fit for TD Place, allowing you to charge while working, catching a sporting event or a new flick on site. These chargers will typically take 3.5 hours to charge an 80-mile battery; or 8 hours to charge a 200-mile battery (enough juice to get around town, and works up to six times faster than a Level 1 charging unit).

If you have any questions regarding these units or Chargepoint in general, do not hesitate to contact the parking office at 613-690-0510 or online at chargepoint.com/happier

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