June 15, 2022

The Green Way To Get To Your Sports Games

The Stadium at TD Place with fans on the north stand and fireworks

By: envirocentre

Did you know that Ottawa sports fans don’t have to drive to get to the games? There are many sustainable transportation options to make your way to TD Place!

Sports stadiums across North America face the same dilemma: parking. To understand the problem we have to look at the numbers. Let’s say a sports stadium has a 24,000-seat capacity, but the parking lot only has space for 1,000 vehicles. Assuming each vehicle arrives carrying 5 passengers, how do the other 19,000 people arrive?

Our local sports stadium, TD Place, is no different, and the numbers provided are probably overly idealistic (5 people to a car in each of the parking spaces? Unlikely). So you can see the problem, it’s simply impossible for every person who wants to go to a sports game to arrive in their own, private car.

So, what solutions are there? Ottawa sports fans can count themselves lucky as there are many. Keep reading to learn our top 6 tips for getting to sports games the green way!

1. Bike Valet Parking

There’s nothing quite like arriving at an event, enjoying some dinner close by, and pedalling away after the game, leaving behind the snaking lines of cars making their way out of the parking lots. TD Place’s Lansdowne location, amenities and masses of bike parking can make that dream come true.

Residents coming from most urban wards within Ottawa’s greenbelt are able to easily bike to and from an event in under 30 minutes. But, you may ask, is my bike secure, and what do I do with my helmet?

Fortunately, the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG) offers free Bike Valet Parking at all REDBLACKS games. Located near Gate 4, the Valet parking is a perfect solution for people who don’t want to worry about their bike’s safety while enjoying the game. No need to bring your lock, and you can leave everything on the bike (including your helmet)! All bikes are welcome, including cargos, tandems, unicycles and trikes!

If the Bike Valet isn’t available, or you’re happy to use one of the 285 regular racks, you can always check your helmet or saddle bags at guest relations, located towards the centre of the main concourse. Even people who aren’t arriving by bike can check strollers, car seats, and other large items that can’t be brought into the stadium.

Take a look at the Cycling map of Ottawa-Gatineau or Bike Ottawa’s mapping tool to help you find your route!


Photo taken by one of our EnviroCentre staff when she made use of the Bike Valet during a Canada vs New Zealand women’s soccer game in 2021. You can see her cargo bike parked in the back!

EnviroCentre will be hanging out beside the Bike Valet at the REDBLACKS home opener on June 17th as part of our Let’s Bike Month festivities!

Come say hi and grab some bike maps and swag, even if you aren’t dropping off a bike! We can help you with route planning for the next time you are heading to a game!

The Bike Valet Parking Map

Not a cyclist? Don’t worry! There are still some great options that don’t involve driving!

2. Walking

Lansdowne Park is located in a highly walkable part of town, near the multi-use pathway along the canal, and across from the Flora Footbridge. This means that if you’re coming from the Glebe, Old Ottawa South or Old Ottawa East, then you are likely within a 15-20 minute walking distance of the stadium, and walking may be your best and easiest option!

3. Transit

Did you know your TD Place game day ticket gets you free use of OC Transpo, ParaTranspo and STO to and from the game? Several buses go to or near Lansdowne Park:

  • 6 and 7, use the stop Lansdowne TD Place
  • 5 and 55, use the Main/Clegg stop and walk across the Fifth/Clegg bridge (approximately 15 minutes walk)
  • 56, use the Glebe/Bank or First Ave/Bank stops and walk down Bank street (approximately 10 minutes walk)
  • 10, use the Bronson/Holmwood or Bronson/Lakeview stops and walk east on Holmwood (approximately 15 minutes walk)

You can also take the LRT Line 1 to Parliament and switch to the 6 or 7 if you live a bit further out!

Just show your ticket to the bus driver or ticket attendant at stations with fare gates to make use of the free transit services. If there is no attendant at a station with a fare gate, you can use the video chat feature on the station ticket machines to gain access.

4. Shuttle

For REDBLACKS and Ottawa 67s games, free shuttle buses are available from different starting points depending on the type of event. Visit the TD Place website here for more information!

5. Taxi

There are specific taxi drop-off and pick-up points outside the park, but if you’re able to get a bit further away from the stadium you’ll help ease some of the congestion that builds up around the park entrance, and you’ll probably be on your way much faster, too!

6. A little bit of A, a little bit of B

Park & bike; Bike & rack and roll with OC Transpo buses; Bike – LRT – Bike; Walk & transit; Transit & walk. You can also drive, park a bit further away, and walk, transit, or bike the rest of the way! Mix and match to find the right options for you!

Whether you walk, roll, ride, or mix it up, using active or sustainable transportation to get to and from Lansdowne could save you time, money, AND greenhouse gasses, and frees up space for those who really have no choice but to drive. Game on!

For more local to Ottawa cycling resources, and to learn more about our annual cycling program visit letsbike.ca.