August 18, 2016

William Shenkman

An Ottawa native, Bill Shenkman was born and raised with football in the family. His godfather, Sam Berger, was an Ottawa Rough Riders’ team owner in the 1960’s and a two-time CFL president, and his first cousin, David Loeb, owned the team in the glory years. A major shareholder of Millwall FC that plays in the English Championship, he also owned the Ottawa Intrepid in the early days of quality soccer in Ottawa.

Mr. Shenkman owns the Shenkman Group of Companies, a real estate property development firm headquartered in Ottawa. It invests in a wide variety of ventures including commercial and residential real estate, manufacturing businesses and technology-based partnerships. For more than 120 years, three generations of the Shenkman family have successfully owned and operated businesses in Canada and around the world.

Outside of the business realm Mr. Shenkman is active in philanthropic endeavours and serves as Chairman of the William Shenkman Foundation.